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Geeks vs Nerds

Are our software developers and designers geeks or nerds? I can attest to the fact that not one soul here likes either word being used to define them, but we mere administrators just can’t help ourselves. So it’s time to finally decide whether they are in fact geeks or nerds…or maybe neither. Read more…

Who's Going to Comic-con 2014?

Ladies and gentlemen…Comic-Con International 2014 is here! Hosted in its place of conception - San Diego, California -Comic-Con has been running since 1970. Originally founded by four gentlemen from backgrounds comprising of a comic strip editor, comic book store owner, publisher and business owner this world renowned event was initially known as the ‘Golden State Comic Book Convention’.

So the question is: are any of the Studio IQ staff attending? Read more…

Software Developers Decoded

When you think of a software developer what comes to mind? For most its the stereotypical suspenders, plaid shirt with an ink stain and glasses taped in the middle for all the time they spend staring at computer screens amongst many others. My own stereotype was thrown out the window - or moreso against it (I thought it was open). Its time to decode the coders and find out what's real, and what belongs against my window. Read more…

IQ LINK Receives Award at NSW Mining Supplier Awards

We’re proud to announce that IQ LINK, our kiosk software and hardware solution developed to help deliver critical information to staff in the mining industry has been recognised at the NSW Minerals Council’s annual Industry & Suppliers Awards night in the category of Small Business Supplier. Read more…