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IQ Lights

Lighting Control Mobile App

While the kiosks our sister company IQ KIOSK manufactures have always been beautiful and provided a great platform for customers to apply their branding, we’ve only just scratched the surface of what is possible given the large available surface for signage. One particularly untapped possibility is lighting.

With that simple problem (and a desire to experiment with the latest mobile development best practices), we designed and developed IQ Lights; a simple remote-controlled lighting solution to produce colourful lighting effects from a mobile device. The app runs on both iOS and Android devices and automatically detects and lists all the compatible lights on the network. Tapping a light takes you to the control screen, where you can add colours in either a repeating pattern or smoothly blended.

iOS and Android were each given a unique design to leverage that platform’s design guidelines while maintaining a clear common design language and brand across both.

The starting screen of IQ Lights lists all the lights found on your network
The list of lights on Android applies Google’s Material Design
On iOS, the user’s selected colours are shown prominently but in a way that adheres to Apple’s platform conventions
On Android the colour list is bold and brash in the spirit of Material Design
The iOS colour picker is a simple scrolling picker; a familiar interface element on the platform
On Android, the colour picker is a custom dialog-based picker that presents all the predefined colours in a single grid for quick access.