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IQ LINK is an innovative information access product that we created and developed from the ground up to help mining companies such as BHP Billiton, RioTinto and Peabody achieve their safety and business needs.

The software connects to the various information management systems that exist on site and collates all the latest, approved content in a simple-to-use interface specifically designed to meet the needs of employees. By removing all content management functions, the system can focus on making it as easy as possible for users to access information (be it documents, notices, videos, training records or chemicals) through easy to use kiosk, web and tablet interfaces.

The IQ LINK touch-screen kiosk, built by our sister company IQ KIOSK

Product Introduction DVD


Identity and Branding

IQ Link logo
IQ LINK business card, modelled closely on the visitor labels IQ LINK prints
IQ LINK folder closed
IQ LINK folder open
IQ LINK module flyers

Trade Show Marketing Material

Being targeted at a relatively niche market, conferences and trade shows are one of the main ways we get IQ LINK in front of its potential customers. Unfortunately for us, we often have to share an exhibition floor with some of the world’s biggest companies (including Shell, Chevron, BHP Billiton and RioTinto). Despite a (much) smaller budget, we’ve applied some of the lessons of user experience design and our knack for visual design to design booth space that can hold its own and present the product in the best-possible light.

With our branded bottle openers and our TV giveaways, our booths are always popular, but we used to struggle to capture contact information from interested attendees who didn't bring their business cards. So we specially designed blank business cards, for attendees to complete in lieu of their own. These cards became so popular we had people taking them to give out to other conference booths, spreading our brand awareness much further than we could on our own.

The IQ LINK conference booth at a Perth oil and gas HSE conference
IQ LINK customer stand in business card
A 3D mockup of the booth we produced to help with layout. We ended up flipping the booth 90 degrees after a change in the trade show floor plan.

Kiosk Interface

The linchpin of IQ LINK is the kiosk interface, where users access documents and chemical manufacturer’s safety data sheets, send feedback, view notices and more.

The IQ LINK kiosk interface is both beautiful and highly usable, deliberately tuned for use on the high-quality touch-screen kiosk provided by our sister company IQ KIOSK. As with all our kiosk software, IQ LINK doesn’t require users have any previous computer expertise or training.

Through its predictable grid-based layout, fluid animation of items on screen and a clever use of colour and texture, the IQ LINK kiosk interface has proven extremely popular with its target users, helping our customers develop a culture of safety at their mine sites.

Kiosk main menu
Documents view list
documents list
feedback form
notices notice

Intranet & Administration Interface

For users with access to a more conventional PC and system administrators, we produced a separate intranet interface, which provides access to the same information and functionality in an web-based interface that is more consistent with platform conventions and user expectations (but which shares many stylistic cues with the kiosk interface).

We designed the IQ LINK administration portal to cater to the very different needs of supervisors and system administrators, putting reporting and data management functions front-and-centre. Despite being built for more technical users, we’ve applied as much attention to detail and user experience here as on the user-facing components.

document list intranet interface
administration interface view usage
administration interface scan results


The IQ LINK website is a fully responsive single-page website designed to make it easy to understand what IQ LINK is, how it looks and how it works.

Since its launch the redesigned website has retained a consistently higher conversion rate of visitors making an enquiry than previous iterations of the site.

IQ LINK Website
The IQ LINK website responsively scales for use on mobiles and other screen sizes