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P&O Cruises

Money Management Kiosks

P&O approached us to dramatically improve the onboard customer experience for managing passenger account balances. We worked closely with our sister company IQ KIOSK to identify, design and develop a thoughtful, bespoke hardware and software solution for these problems.

The eventual solution allows passengers to top up their onboard cruise accounts using cash or card, view their account statements, withdraw currency and exchange Australian Dollars into foreign currency at each port. With such a strong focus on improving the customer experience, we paid attention to every decision along the way, performing multiple rounds of usability testing to ensure we got the balance between P&O’s rich branding and the system’s usability right. You can read the detailed case study about the project on our blog.

The idle screen is used to attract users to the kiosk quickly, and to explain the kiosk’s purpose to passers-by
The main menu uses the passenger’s name to help users notice when the previous user has forgotten to log out
Passengers can top up their accounts using cash or EFTPOS
At any given time, users can withdraw money in AUD and the currency of the next port
The P&O money management kiosk

Hotel & Maintenance Dashboards

Having integrated with their shipboard hospitality management system to build the money management kiosk software, P&O requested that we design and develop custom crew-facing dashboards to present up-to-date service information across numerous different metrics on strategically placed large-screen displays.

The dashboards were designed to closely mimic existing manually-generated charts to aid in familiarity and uptake but with P&O’s brand guidelines faithfully applied. The eventual design required balancing design best practices for readability with the client’s need for high information density. The client was adamant that all the related information should be visible at any given time, as opposed to looping through information.

The system presents up-to-date stats on key business metrics such as outstanding customer comments and complaints, maintenance tasks and the number of guests and crews currently aboard and ashore.

The Hotel dashboard is designed to the client’s specifications and provides information about work orders, comments and passenger information.
The Maintenance dashboard was designed to meet P&O’s specifications, showing outstanding work orders at a glance.