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Jervis Bay Wild

Jervis Bay Wild operate cruises in and around iconic Jervis Bay showcasing the beautiful ecosystem and marine life of the South Coast of NSW.

Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks

In partnership with our sister company IQ KIOSK, we were asked to design and build a set of self-service kiosks for selling tickets for their wide range of tours, directly from their existing Rezdy ticket management system.

We used the client's wealth of existing high-quality video content to produce a full-motion video screensaver to respectfully attract passersby, and applied their other brand assets to the kiosk and its user interface to ensure customers felt assured that the unit was reliable and trustworthy enough to take their payments. Usability testing helped ensure the end product was suitably easy to use across a wide group of ages and computer fluency levels.

The result is a collection of attractive, highly-usable kiosks that can be safely used outside operating hours, and deployed in various locations, generating email and optionally printed tickets for guests (integrated with their existing sales reporting and other processes) without the need for any additional ongoing expenses, which can be cost-effectively scaled up in the future if so required.

A photo of the Jervis Bay Wild kiosk, showing its full-body vinyl wrap
A screenshot of the Jervis Bay Wild kiosk home screen
A screenshot of the ticket selection screen of the Jervis Bay Wild ticketing kiosk
A screenshot of the order summary screen of the Jervis Bay Wild ticketing kiosk
A screenshot of the order confirmation screen of the Jervis Bay Wild kiosk ticketing software.