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Updating the Wet'n'Wild Sydney Kiosks

The original 2013 Wet’n’Wild Sydney kiosks

Before: The original 2013 Wet’n’Wild Sydney kiosks

The updated 2014 Wet’n’Wild Sydney kiosks

After: The updated 2014 Wet’n’Wild Sydney kiosks

Designing a totally-new kiosk enclosure is a surprisingly involved task. In 2013, we designed a set of ticketing kiosks for Wet’n’Wild Sydney that were more ambitious than anything we’d tried before, but we knew before we delivered them that there just wasn't enough time to make every design modification that we felt was required.

As firm believers of iterative development, we relished the opportunity to again work with our sister company IQ KIOSK to make a series of revisions to improve the units’ usability, accessibility and maintainability for the park’s sophomore season.

Head over to the IQ KIOSK website to check out the full article on our creative improvements and modifications to the kiosks.

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About Kit Grose

Kit is the ruggedly handsome User Experience geek whose job it is to ensure the web and application development jobs we produce are useful, usable and enjoyable. His university qualifications are in graphic design, but Kit is just as much at home in front of a screen of code as he is in Photoshop.

Since 2007, Kit has been heavily involved in building usable information systems for the mining and resources industry and he’s a self-confessed typography and ice hockey fanatic.

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