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Lysaght’s revitalised online presence

When turned 10, it was clear the brand needed its online presence totally overhauled. BlueScope entrusted Studio IQ to redesign and build the beloved rollformer’s website from the ground up in what would become the largest web project we’ve ever undertaken. Read more…

Money Management Kiosks for P&O Cruises

Handling money is always a sensitive topic. An unattended machine handling money doubly so. As a society, we’ve become accustomed to getting cash out of machines in the form of ATMs, but for the most part our experience inserting cash into machines is limited to vending machines and ticket machines (and in many cases, we only ever insert coins). So when P&O Australia asked us to design and build custom kiosks that would need to be able to dispense and accept thousands of dollars per day, we knew we’d be in for a challenge. Read more…

Updating the Wet'n'Wild Sydney Kiosks

After an incredible opening season, we were given the opportunity by Wet’n’Wild Sydney to have a second crack at the design this year to make a few key improvements that just weren’t feasible for the original delivery date. Read more…

Designing the Kiosks for Wet’n’Wild Sydney

After a whopping $115 million investment, Wet’n’Wild Sydney opened its doors to the public on the 12th of December, 2013, after more than three years of planning, and a year of construction. It immediately became the world’s biggest water theme park.

We were asked to design and build custom touch-screen kiosks that were worthy of the park’s lofty ambitions. Read more…

On Rebranding

Today iQmultimedia officially becomes Studio IQ, completing a rebranding exercise that has been in the works in some form or another for 5 years. That means today we get to finally stop dealing with the worst client we’ve ever had: ourselves. Read more…

Designing Software for Kiosks

Touch-screen kiosks are an interesting creature. Like modern mobile devices, kiosks allow users to touch the screen directly, interacting directly with objects on screen without needing to be able to operate a mouse.

On the face of it, they’re apparently so similar that most people who are new to designing and building systems for kiosks seem to want to treat them as the same design problem by applying the same design solutions. It’s sometimes difficult to explain why an existing (fantastic) mobile interface can’t be simply repurposed for kiosks.

Sadly, that option never works. That’s because there are inescapable differences to be aware of between mobile devices and kiosks. As a company founded explicitly to create high-quality touch-screen kiosk software and our unique relationship with kiosk hardware manufacturer IQ KIOSK, here are some of the main things we’ve learnt to consider when designing and building kiosk software for our clients. Read more…